Why does it work?

Do you know that you can target your audience by age, gender, location and time slot?

What do we offer

From general rotation to ad-hoc circuits. We offer all the flexibility your media planning needs.


We give you expert advice for the creation of your campaigns outdoor.

Support digital signage

an interactive social and efficient platform

Reaches the target audience

Choose among 1,554 throughout Spain to advertise. You can cause a positive impact in your target audience with different contents per location and time slot.

Totally flexible

Flexibility in planning as it allows for changes online. adapt and change your creations in real time following the hours of the day or a particular event.

Great creative possibilities

Attract attention through stunning and creative actions. discover the possibilities of digital media: video, augmented reality, etc.

Interact with your audience

Promote involvement through mobile devices, tablets and social media.

An efficient platform

According to Kinetic it is a platform drawing 60% more attention than print posters; or according to Nielsen, it could help increasing sales by 14%.

Measure your audience in real time

Segment your target audience by location, time slot, age, gender and many more!

We help you communicate your message

With the flexibility your media planning needs

We put our network at your disposal for you to choose the best option for your campaign:

general rotation

throughout the display network

sales per channel

Channel drugstore, bars & coffee shops, supermarkets, shopping centers, public areas

Sales by location

Short distribution, city, postcode, region, province

Ad-hoc circuits

Customized channels

Discover our channel Bars

It is a channel being deployed in bars and coffee shops throughout Spain, in spaces where a crowd meets and is exposed to the ads

with smart Wi-Fi for free

in 1,554 displays

...and measuring of the audience

by age, gender, location and time slot

Contact us

Our team of experts will manage your campaign to the tiniest detail


If needed, we will give you expert advice on the creation and design of your ad and will choose the locations to maximize the coverage in your area of influence.


Advertise for 0.02€ every 10 seconds per hour and on your preferred display.

We are present throughout your campaign process

To guarantee that you get the maximum amount of impressions, creating brand recognition and visibility for your campaign.

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