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Do you know that digital signage draws 60% more attention than print posters?

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Know why Royal Canin supports a direct communication with their users.


Do you have an idea? we will put it into action.

New innovative media
to position your brand

Draw the attraction of your audience

Stunning creativities designed ad-hoc for the media.

Interact with your users

Promote involvement through mobile devices, tablets and social media.

An efficient platform

According to Kinetic it is a platform drawing 60% more attention than print posters; or according to Nielsen, it could help increasing sales by 14%.

An attractive and innovative medium

Link your brand to technological developments and innovation values through the digital signage.

Easy management

playthe.net allows for real-time, remote and centrallized management in an easy way for all your devices.

A scalable solution

It's a solution easy to scale both in device volume and in functionalities.

Do you have an idea?

We will put it into action

We have e>play models available both for indoor and outdoor areas.
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Any project you have in mind, tell us! solucionesempresariales@playthe.net

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Support a direct and efficient communication

with playthe.net

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We help you make your most innovative projects a reality.

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