Why does it work?

Digitalize your town hall and boost the local business network.

Success stories

Know how some town halls offer relevant information to the citizens.


Get some information about our comprehensive solution. we help you finding additional funding.

The outdoor area is a perfect environment to catch the attention both from citizens and tourists

A service of general interest for your citizens

Communicate in real time with your neighbors: news, local events and up-to-the-minute information. The messages shown can be adapted to the different town areas, time slot or target audience.

Strength your town image

Promote your local area and its possibilities as the cultural calendar or the tourist information. Brings the local management closer to the citizens and improves their perception of the institutions.

Economic revitalization

boost the local business network and revitalize the local trade in your town.

Sustainable business model

Broadcast third-party advertising and gain income for the sustainability of the project.

Different media throughout the town

It allows to have different kind of devices depending on the locations and the intended use: squares, streets, fronts of the building, historic areas, etc., covering from a small screen to the big format media.

Easy management

Remote and centralized management of all the devices easily and in real time.

We recommend

47" and 80" outdoor display

  • Full HD 16:9
  • High brightness
  • Vertical position
  • 230x90x30 cm
  • 280x130x40 cm
  • Designed for outdoor areas
  • Vandal-resistant housing in painted steel with inner cooling equipment.
  • Protection level IP65

What does it include?

Comprehensive solution covering hardware, software and implementation, as well as training and ad-hoc template creation for your town.

How it is funded?

Four hours per day each month of ads in our devices translate into an income of more than 400€.

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Tell your citizens

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